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How long is the life expectancy of a polyurethane roof

How long is the life expectancy of a polyurethane roof?

It is essential to know how long is the lifespan to understand whether it is worth spending that amount of money or not. Polyurethane roofs are also known as foam roofs. They have gained popularity as roofing materials lately. They can tolerate temperatures up to the range of -30 to 80 degrees. Fortunately, not only that, but they are also inexpensive, as well as incredibly effective. But, the one thing you will have to take into account would be the lifespan, as it is made out of foam it has some drawbacks.

In this article, we will explore the lifespan based on various factors like climate, material, installation, and maintenance. The things we can do to help it last and the final thoughts.

How long should it last?

On average, the lifespan of the roof is between 30 years, but it can go up to 50 years as well.

Factors that affect it:

Quality of material used

This can have an impact as the better quality of products used ensures you a better duration.


Harsh weather conditions like extreme cold and hot can have an impact on the roofing.


If it is maintained from time to time this will ensure that it will be inspected for any damages that might have incurred and can be fixed quickly, ensuring you a good lifespan.
As well as the cleaner the area, the better the expectancy.

Installation process

The art of installation and how well it has been installed will also matter a lot in terms of it. As experts will know exactly how to install and which materials and expertise to use to carry out hence they will be aware and well-versed, thus would get the job done responsibly.

Thick or thin

A thicker layer as obvious as it sounds will provide more insulation as well as be more resistant to damage. As well as can be more durable. 

A thin will be less durable as it will not be able to handle the traffic, and it can easily get affected by environmental factors, resulting in a shorter life span.


Did you know that color can also have an impact?

Yes, it indeed can. A light-colored roof tends to last longer than a dark-colored roof. The reason is that the light colors will reflect the light and heat, this can prevent it from expanding and contracting due to the different temperatures.

Whereas dark colors absorb heat, this would mean that they would expand more, resulting in cracks and damage.

When selecting which one, it is best to keep the color in mind to keep you the duration that you are expecting to look for.

Choosing the right one

Look for what is covered in the guarantee. Many companies cover some and they do not cover the other. Ensuring the main things are covered will ensure that the company will take up any repairs if needed, saving you the costs and the hassle. 

Substrate condition

The substrate is the underlying layer. This can also have an impact on the lifespan of the waterproofing material. If the substrate has some structural issues it will be more prone to movement and hence can have an impact on the waterproofing membrane. So ensuring that these underlying issues are treated beforehand will ensure a better duration. 

Chemical exposure 

Yes, chemicals can have a huge impact whether they are acidic or alkaline. 

Such chemicals can affect the polyurethane waterproofing. It is best to use this kind of chemicals that have specialized coatings that are resistant to other harsh chemicals.

Practices for caring for it

Recoating your roof

This procedure involves applying a layer of protective coating to the existing foam so it is well maintained and provides the functions efficiently. The number of times you apply the recoating will merely depend on the traffic the place receives, the level of exposure to UV rays and light, as well as the quality of the initial installations.

The general rule is to recoat your roof every 5–10 years to maintain it and prevent the costs for future replacements.

Regular inspections

This will ensure that any damage and leaks are dealt with timely. As well this will save you the costs. It is best to get it done in fall and spring.  

Keeping it clean

It is essential to keep it clean and free from any debris that builds up. It is also important to ensure the drainage is open so the water does not collect up there and has an effect on the quality and functions of the roof.

Avoid walking

Avoiding walking will help ensure that the roof remains well maintained as there will be less movement on it making sure that it stays in place and does not experience any litter, thus keeping it clean.

Reputable contractors

It is best to get the installation and maintenance done by contractors who have the knowledge, experience and expertise and are well aware of how to deal with such things.

Final thoughts

Polyurethane roof is also known as the spray foam roof. It is an inexpensive option as compared to other roofs. The life expectancy depends on multiple factors like how well they are maintained, the quality of the roof itself, and properties like color and thickness also have an impact on the duration of the roof. It is best to do your research beforehand as well as take the place you live in climates into consideration and make your choice based on that. It is best to get the installation done by a good reputable company as it will ensure a good quality of roofing as well as good installation techniques having a mere impact on the duration.