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coating services

Don’t fall for the advice of someone to get a specific coating. There are multiple coating materials out there and some people will try to sell you the one that they deal in.

Beware, you will waste your money and it won’t fulfill the requirements. We provide a wide range of coating services and won’t be providing you with just one solution for different problems.
You might want to get a cooler interior or want to protect your property from water damage. A single type of coating will not work for both purposes.
Our experts will discuss your preferences and requirements to better understand your needs. We will suggest you the best possible coating solution that is specifically designed to tackle the problem you need.
We provide a coating to protect you from high temperatures, chilling water, extreme fires, harsh climates, and more. Getting a specified solution will ensure the maximum performance of the coating and you will get the most value out of your money.
So, call us now and talk to our experts about your specific needs.

Coating Services

Increased roof lifespan with roof coating services

Your roof is an integral part of your home. It’s also one of the few components that faces the harshest weather conditions on a daily basis. They face hailstorms, rain, heat, strong winds, and whatnot.
Your roofs withstand all this while ensuring. This continuous wear and tear will slowly deteriorate your roof without you even knowing. This often leads to damage in the long run and decreases the lifespan of your roof.

Now, getting roof coating services is far cheaper than getting your roof repaired or replaced. We provide quality roof coatings to make sure that your roof withstands everything from hailstorms to strong wind currents.
All of our coatings are of high quality, which ensures maximum weather resistance and durability. Our experts cover your roof with extreme detail to make sure every inch of your roof is protected.
We will leave you an almost invincible roof that will last for years without any damage. So, call us now and protect your valuable investment.

Beat the heat with our thermal coating services

Aren’t you fed up with the scorching heat in the summer? And paying hefty amounts in terms of energy bills to keep a cool environment for your family?
If the answer is yes, then why aren’t you making your home heatproof permanently?
Imagine having a considerably lower temperature without needing to turn on your HVAC. You will need to turn on your cooling systems only when you need an extra chilling environment.
We have helped countless of our customers achieve just that with our thermal coating services. All of our customers have been able to significantly reduce their energy bills while maintaining a cool interior naturally. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our coating.
Our coating service is designed to provide maximum cooling by reflecting all the heat. This prevents the heat from being absorbed by your roofs and walls. You will have. We make sure that the coating covers every possible area that can absorb heat.
This will result in a comfortable cool environment 24/7. So, call us now and stay cool.

Coating Services
Coating Services

Invincible infrastructure with our fireproof coating services

We hope you never go through the unfortunate event of a home fire or commercial fire. But if you do face such an event, we want your property to be safe.
The fireproof coating is proven to stop the spread of fire for up to 2 hours and delay its spread. This allows enough time for firefighters to put off the fire. It also protects the material from burning which causes harmful black smoke.
Spray Tight INC. provides trusted fireproof coating services. We have a workforce for certified professionals. They follow all the industry’s best practices and SOPs to ensure maximum safety.

We apply a thick layer of coating which ensures that your infrastructure will stay protected from the fire for the longest time. It will be almost invincible to any minor and average fire breakouts.
We will make sure that your investment is protected from severe damages, and you will not need to worry about the strength of the infrastructure.
So, call our experts now and get fireproof buildings and homes.

Waterproof surfaces with polyurea coating services

Water damage! One of the most common issues faced by homeowners in the US. The most common causes of water damage are cracked walls, leaking roofs, and pipe leakages.
These issues can give birth to many problems. It includes mold growth, bacteria, fungi, wood rot, and more. But the most dangerous of all is structural damage.
Even a small leak can wreak havoc on your roof. This damage will easily expand to your walls too, if goes unnoticed for longer.
Now, instead of spending thousands on repairs, it’s way cheaper and smarter to stop these leaks in the first place. Our waterproof polyurea coating services do just that.
Our experts apply a thick layer of coating while covering all the cracks and crevices of your roof. It creates a strong layer that repels water with ease.
This protects your home from water damage, corrosion, rust, and more. You will avoid all the hassle and stress that people face.
So, contact us now and get waterproof surfaces.

Coating Services

Holistic surface protection with our aliphatic coating services

Aliphatic coatings are made up of resins, polymers, and other synthetic materials. It is applied in a liquid form which then solidifies into a hard surface
This coating provides a very strong and durable surface that protects the lower surface from a number of external factors. It is excellent for protecting metal structures and fixtures from rust and abrasion.
It is also an excellent way to keep the actual looks of the surface with its UV-resistant properties.
Getting our aliphatic coating services will ensure that you are getting the top-quality coating available in the market. We don’t compromise on the quality as this is what’s going to protect your investments for the long term.
Your metal surfaces will be safe from any sort of abrasion, rust, scratches, and more.
Also, the maintenance and cleaning will be extremely easy because of impermeable slippery surfaces. You will just need to wash it with water or use a mop to clean all the dirt.
We operate in MI and provide our services in Detroit, Rochester, Independence, Township, Troy, Birmingham, and Bloomfield.
Contact our experts now and safeguard your surface from multiple external factors.

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My wife and I are very pleased with Spraytight. Eric and his team installed our spray foam insulation - they were timely and professional. Additionally, Eric has been responsive and helpful with all of our insulation needs. Thank you Eric and Spraytight for meeting our schedule, doing a great job, and going above and beyond. We highly recommend this company.
Joe Gadany
Joe Gadany
Great work and Eric the owner is a great guy!
Daniel Laze
Daniel Laze
I'm impressed how professional and efficient they are. They do incredible work and feel comfortable to recommend them to friends and family...
Aron Ferguson
Aron Ferguson
I live in Holly, MI and Spray tight came out and did my entire home and garage. The work that these guys did was very professional and I was very pleased with all the services they provided. Now that summer time is rolling around and I have yet to put an AC unit in my new build, it feels like I don't even need it with how good of a job was done on the insulation. I would highly recommend these guys to do any new build or existing build you may have.
Kevin Quandt
Kevin Quandt
I had spraytight spay 3 inches of spray for in my 30x30 pole barn . They did it all in one day. Did a great job with clean up and where all around and awesome .
Carol Jaworski
Carol Jaworski
We hired Eric to assist us with a remodel . He was prompt in scheduling an appointment to bid the project . We accepted his bid . His employees worked everyday and completed the job in a professional and very clean manner. We’d hire him again .
Felicia Stewart
Felicia Stewart
Highly Recommend!!! Great service! Very Professional! Fast to get to you for your free estimate! Also has veterans discount available which I truely commend this company for offering that! All around great company!
John Marcinkowski
John Marcinkowski
Hire Spray Tight for your job ! you wont be disappointed.
Ashley Hinson
Ashley Hinson
Great business. Owner is wonderful and workers. Hire them.
J DeWitte
J DeWitte
I used Spraytight for a small crawl space job. Crew showed up on time and were very polite and accommodating. Communication with Eric was great - he took and returned all my calls personally. Eric is professional and works to ensure the customer is satisfied. I will recommend and call Eric for future insulation projects.